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Apr 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
have confirmed the search is connected to the boston marathon explosions. the f-b-i is leading the investigation. here is what we know right now. police say, at least three people were killed in the blasts -- one victim, an eight year old boy. more than 140 others were injured. the explosions were about a block apart - and happened within seconds of each other. some victims lost limbs, suffered broken bones, shrapnel wounds and ruptured eardrums. of those hurt, officials say, at least 15 are in critical condition. police have no suspects in custody. however, police are searching an apartment in a boston suburb. in connection to the deadly blasts. officials in washington say, there has been no immediate claim of responsibility -- but the attack is being treated as an act of terrorism. what's still not clear is whether it is a domestic or foreign act. kron4's grant lodes takes a closer look at the pair of explosions near the boston maraton finish line. the amount tonight, a dramatic video of the first explosion. tonight, this was filmed by a boston globe a photographer and let me war
Apr 18, 2013 11:00pm PDT
manhunt for the two suspects in monday's bombing. the f-b-i releasing those suspect pictures just today. we have to stress, at this time, there is no confirmation, as to whether these two incidents might be related. tonights shooting happened on the m.i.t campus. the officer was transported to a nearby hospital but did not survive. everyone in boston understandably on edge after monday's tragedy. we will continue following this story and update you, as necessary, throughout the newcast. as we said, today federal agents did release images of the two suspects believed to be behind the boston marathon bombings. kron 4's grant lodes gives us a closer look at the suspects. >> here is a suspect wanted suspect number two. they released surveillance video of them walking towards the marathon. here are the two suspects. the fbi is referring to them as suspect one and suspect two. suspect one wearing a black hat, suspect two with a backwards white hat. the fbi released surveillance video of the two walking near the marathon finish line. you see suspect one in the black hat walk by, and suspect tw
Apr 16, 2013 9:00am EDT
... the f-b-i is ppeparing toogive a briefiig about yesterraays marathon inish llneeiffthis event happpns on time....we'll day baltimore. ((break )) nn!nn!n!n!n! 33 &p3 33 map greenh mapp 33 as thh investiggtion into determine whh was responsible bbobings.ttm rodders is here with more on what we're &pleaannng today. ass te terror attackk ttthe osson 's - marathon widens ... federal determine just who was pespoosible 3 federal investigatorr are facing a massive scene witthmulliple devicess just hoorssafttrrtte expllsioo pplice earchhthee aartment of aa o-called ersonnoo inteeest ... a younggssudi nationnl ... but still say thhy haae no suspects. there are aaditional reports of other devices thattdid nott explode whiih could offer investigatorssa wealth of piformatiin. but theeqqestiin rrmains aar internatiinaa actors prsponsibleefor the attackk "to e, i think we have to be lookinn toward either al qaida a self staater here in the orr - uuited states, a homegrownnterr. terroriis." ttis porning ... representaaivvs coutnerterrorism enter willl be briefing some memberr of congress to give thee
Apr 18, 2013 8:00pm PDT
area. the president offering these words of comfort. you learn to stand and walk the f-b-i is releasing new photographs and video. of two men it says. are suspects in the terror attack. the images were released hours after president obama a service in boston to remember the victims. monday's explosions killed still in the hospital. kron 4's grant lodes joins new tonight at 8 -- a local terrorism and national security expert. is giving insight into today's findings released by the f- b-i-. ambassador david fischer says, the fact that the two men are being called "suspects" rather than "persons of interest". has a very high level of found the people who committed this act. the bombs was designed to terrorize and injure as many people as possible. are amateurs. who will day or two. >> alright here they are suspect one still in front of suspect to. now let against now let us examine each of the suspects. only one strap dark shoes, dark pants bart jacket may be a great hoodie sticking out. at the scene of the second explosion mckenzie cup a couple of more photos. his hair appears t
Apr 16, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. federal agents do now know the apparent method used -- the f-b-i says. a pressure cooker and black bag were part of a bomb. what we know tonight: three blasts. and more than 180 people injured. after the twin explosions ripped through the crowded finish line are on monday. but. it is still not known who is behind the deadly attack.whether they are foreign or domestic terrorists. and why. president obama plans to visit boston on thursday to attend an interfaith service in honor of the victims. hundreds of people gathered tonight on the boston common for a vigil to honor the victims. the crowd sang songs and lit candles. they held signs that read - "peace here and everywhere." mourners tonight said, the people of boston would not be afraid. there was a heavy military presence on the boston common. with dozens of national guard troops standing by. it has been reported and that this backpack/bag is part of the bomb. and that shrapnel became air born. nails were inside of the pressure cooker to become shrapnel. you can see the lettering on that the fbi is processing these items in a lab
Apr 18, 2013 5:00pm PDT
station, kron 4 news starts now. the f-b-i identifies two suspects in the terror attack. the images the f-b-i hopes to use to identify them. and the attorney for the >> take a look this still images they reveal even more detail. dark shoes pants and jacket and may be a great hooded sweat shirt right there and believed that this is the man who dropped his backpack at the second explosion. both men are known to be armed and very dangerous for news. >> right now is believed to be spied and 15 people may have died. a least a hundred and 60 people injured j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> just before 8:00 p.m. wednesday evening a fire broke out after fertilization plant on the east side of town. damaging this nursing home and almost completely damaged this apartment complex. the plant is completely destroyed the building smash to the ground. in the newsroom charles clifford kron 4 news >> they are now charging 16 year-old for the murder of paramedic police and also announced on thursday that they had rested a sixth suspect 813 year-old, that now makes up six suspects ranging from the age of 13
Apr 16, 2013 6:00am EDT
attack paases chaossat the bosttn the f-b-i is investigating this morninn. stepping up seccritt... at llcal events.the increaaed & the ppice of gold... is wooth an ounce... aaddwwether it's even worrh selling now. 3 3 3 &pessdy, april 16tt 3& 3 3 p3 federrl authorities are mmrathon. ible for yesterddy's tom rodgerr is here with more also has your ooher top storiis. stories. just hhurs after the explosioo... which killed pomplex in a nearbyysuburb.e suburb.officers were thhre for about eight and a half hourr checkiig out an apartment. questiining two men and ..... but no one was taken - into custody. there's also &pword this morniigg f a so-caaled peeson of interest... aayoung saudii national... but iivestigators &pthere are noosussects. ppeeiient obama, meantime, promissd aation. obama ays: "we will finn out who diddthhi.. e wwll find responnible grouus will feel y rrpresentatives from the e.""- national counter-teerorism &pcenter will be briefing somm heaaily armmedpoliie officers patrol boston's righam and victims of the explosiion are y3 ppople are reported to be in critical condit
Apr 17, 2013 5:00pm PDT
intercepted at a screening facility outside the white house. it was received tuesday - and the f-b-i says the letters to both men were post-marked memphis tennessee -- on april 8th. the white house says staffers followed a careful drill in handling the letters.and no one was injured. from longtime other than standard protocol. any time a specific powers in the mail facility is inspected. out _ that is screened. steps are taken a remote sites. mississipi republican. it had markings similar to the one sent to the the f-b-i says both letters will undergo more testing. both were intercepted at off-site mail screening buildings capital police say it turns out that suspicious packages investigated in the u-stoday were "not" hazardous. but at last word - a man was still being questioned. some senate office buildings were closed for a time. and senator carl levin says tests are being done on a suspicious letter sent to his michigan office. a staffer who discovered the letter is spending the night in the hospital as a precaution.but he has shown no signs of poisoning. targeted with ricin. people s
Apr 17, 2013 8:00pm PDT
boston police and the f-b-i. but hasn't heard directly from investigators. we will continue to follow this developing story. and bring you the latest updates here on kron 4. on our 24/7 bay area news channel- comcast 193. and on our website. kron4 dot com. >> new tonight at eight. the family of a south bay teen who killed herself. after reportedly being bullied with pictures showing her being sexually assaulted. has filed a legal claim against her high school. audrie pott's family says the school was negligent. district officials are defending their actions. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, legal experts say this is a case that could affect schools everywhere. >> what did at the school know and what did they know about it? >> reporter: the school officials could be facing legal action. serious legal action if they failed to take appropriate disciplinary actions. school know and when did they know it. former prosecutor and criminal deffense attorney steven clark says school officials could be facing serious legal action if they failed to take appropriate disciplianry steps
Apr 18, 2013 1:00am EDT
place where the local mall enforcement does not have a great relationship with the f b i in terms of running those organizations. what is the added value based on the money spent on the fusion centers and what do they bring? it was real privacy rights that have been violated at fusion centers that have to be cleaned p. we are not the number one funder of that. the question is with a limited budget, where do we get the most bang for our buck? as we researched this, but we found is not very good value for the money we are giving. your job is to be a visionary and you think that value will come. i just have real doubts on it. in a time of limited budget, much -- my hope is taking something that is working well and enhance them where we can to do everything you want to see in a fusion center done there rather than have two separate organizations. you and i will continue that conversation in the future and hopefully we will get a better bang for our buck of what is oing into fusion centers and more product that is usable. >> i would be happy to work with you on that. i would hope to persu
Apr 15, 2013 1:00pm EDT
confrontational. they're concerned about the missile defenses, they're concerned about the b-2s and the f-22s, shoet of force thats with deliberately aim dodd reinforce the show of strength to our allies in south korea and japan. >> i think it was very important that the united states make clear to not just the north koreans, that there were conventions fconsequences for their action, but to reaffirm to the allies that the security agreements will uphold and i think it's important to focus the chinese to the fact that if they're not prepared to put the pressure on the north and they have the greatest impact on the north, then this can become more destabilizing. and that instability is not in china's interest certainly. it's not in anybody's interest in the region. if wub goes to obld operate accord lgd to what's in everybody's interest, china needs to be more engaged in the effort. >> china did not celebrate the national day in north korea. that's a signal. but what more do you want to see? what do you want to see that's real that means money. that means pressure? what do you want do see china do? >> i think, andrea, china has a lot of options and i'm not going to -- go through each of the things that i think china ought
FOX News
Apr 14, 2013 3:00am PDT
ago, you want to get tough, we spent b-2 bombers and f-22 fighters over the korean peninsula and i think there was a feeling that might be dialing this whole thing up and john kerry, the secretary of state, on his trip to the region has said, you know, if they're willing to pullback, we would be willing to resume talks and some people say that's a bad signal to send, but i don't think at this point we want to rich chet u ratchet up, i think we want to-- >> on the show we've got immigration reform, a budget to deal with, a whole slew of issues, and marco rubio and cornyn are joining you this morning. >> and the big story, marco rubio, unveil, and explain, a preview of the comprehensive preview the that the gang of 8 has come up with. and a hearing in the senate judiciary committee, the big first step, a push going on for months now with this gang of eight on comprehensive immigration reform. >> tucker: that show will be watched carefully by everyone on the hill. >> anna: watch every week. love the show. are american schools testing too much? lawmakers in one state say yes and they w
Apr 12, 2013 10:00am PDT
out of bounds in another way. they've given us an excuse to move in with the b-2 flyovers and the f-22s, not something that china wants to see long-term. >> and secretary cohen. i want to end on you, which is the question andrea and i have been talking about all week and that everyone has been talking about all week, is this time with north korea different? do we have any way of knowing that? >> i think it's different, in the sense that you have a young and i would say rather immature young leader who really doesn't have much worldly experience. and again escalating the rhetoric to the point of threatening a nuclear attack upon the united states or our allies. when you engage in that kind of rhetoric, it becomes much more difficult to find a way down from the heights of that. and so i think that it makes it different now that we see that they are becoming much more aggressive. at least rhetorically. they are developing more in terms of the testing of the third test of a nuclear weapon. they are going to be testing a longer-range missile capability. so it's different because you've got a young leader who doesn't, i think have the mature to really understand how he is
Apr 11, 2013 8:00am PDT
? it begins with f, ends with r. i got a u in the middle, try it. fur. fur. or your hair. okay. guess what holds electrons very nicely? it begins with r, ends with u-b-b-e-r. rubber. rubber, okay? and so when i take the rubber and i scrape it against the fur, what am i doing? i rub electrons from the fur onto the rod. now, the rod has more electrons than before. you, people at front row, can you see those things? yes. okay. [makes noise] follow me, i'll make your crops grow. hey--okay. it turns out-- no, i'm kidding around. but there are more electrons on here than before. so i say this is charged. now, you got to tell me, negatively charged, or positively charged? negative. neighbor. how many say negatively charged? all right. that's because the electrons themselves are negative. and by the way, do you know who is the one who put-- who gave us the idea of negative and positive charges? a first, first-rate scientist with a world-wide reputation in science. his name was bf. benjamin franklin. benjamin franklin. that's right. benjamin franklin was noted as a first-rate scientist before
Apr 14, 2013 5:20am EDT
remarkable show of force, both f-22's and b-2's to demonstrate that we're serious about the north korea threat but as we were doing that, i was being told air force plans to cut flying hours by 18% as a result of the sequester. air combat command informed us as of this week, it will enter what they call a tier ready status. one third of its flying units will cease flying or stand down for the remainder of fiscal year 2013. how will that cessation or tiered readiness of flying units affect your important and critical missions in paycom? >> well, as i indicated earlier, the -- back to the sequestration and paycom in the near midterm will be the degradation of readiness of our forces that would have to fall on. so what we've done in the near term is to ensure that we're able to manage the scenarios that are most important to us, in my case, north korea manage that, manage our homeland defense but as the sequestration starts to move downstream, we start to see more and more negative impacts on the readiness of our force. so what it means to air combat command is that the forces that a
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)